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Milan 4-5/7/2012

Monarch Airlines Enthusiasts Trip No4, was a 2 day trip to Milan Malpensa (starting at Manchester and Gatwick), which took us on a guided tour round the airfield, including the ramp, tower and baggage sortation  area, and finally round the Volandia Museum, which is situated on the site of the original airfield. A huge thank you goes to Toby an all the Monarch staff for making this trip possible (lets also not forget the Italian staff involved as well).

Manchester 4/7/2012


D8-966 (G-TAWJ)            D8-967 (G-VLIP)             D8-968 (AP-BGY)             D8-969 (AP-BGY)            D8-970 (G-OOBG)          D8-971 (G-OOBG)

Inflight 4/7/2012


D8-972 (G-OZBO)                   Non2-132                            Non2-133                           Non2-134                           Non2-135                            Non2-136                           Non2-137                 D8-973 (G-OZBO)

Milan 4/7/2012


D8-974 (EC-JHK)             D8-975 (VQ-BLR)           D8-976 (OH-LXL)             D8-977 (EI-DSR)             D8-978 (G-EZBW)            D8-979 (I-ADJN)              D8-980 (I-ADJN)              D8-981 (G-EZIX)


D8-982 (EC-KBJ)             D8-983 (I-WEBA)            D8-984 (OM-VRA)          D8-985 (OM-VRA)           D8-986 (G-EZGA)             D8-987 (I-DAVT)              D8-988 (I-DAVT)              D8-989 (SP-LIA)


D8-990 (G-EZFB)              D8-991 (EI-IGN)              D8-992 (TC-JGN)             D8-993 (D-ABIA)            D8-994 (D-AEAP)             D8-995 (D-AEAP)            D8-996 (OK-NEO)          D8-997 (G-MRJK)


D8-998 (G-MRJK)            D8-999 (D-AGWD)           D9-1 (D-AGWD)               D9-2 (AP-ECH)                 D9-3 (AP-ECH)                D9-4 (D-AFKE)               D9-5 (D-ACNQ)                 D9-6 (OY-KBB)  

 Milan 5/7/2012 (Ramp Tour - the majority of these pictures were taken through the bus window)


  D9-7 (A6-EYI)                   D9-8 (B-6541)                  D9-9 (B-6541)                  D9-10 (I-NEOW)               D9-11 (F-GRGF)               D9-12 (CS-TPE)              D9-13 (TC-OBP)             D9-14 (4K-AZ84)


D9-15 (I-ADJL)                D9-16 (Line-up)               D9-17 (G-EZBT)               D9-18 (EI-DTJ)                D9-19 (9H-AEM)               D9-20 (A6-EAR)               D9-21 (EI-EOJ)               D9-22 (EI-CZH)

Milan 5/7/2012 (Tower Tour - some of these pictures were taken through tower window)


D9-23 (Tower)              D9-24 (D-AEAD)              D9-25 (LX-KCV)              D9-26 (LX-KCV)                 D9-27 (View)                     D9-28 (View)                 D9-29 (G-EZAW)              D9-30 (4R-ALD)


D9-31 (A7-AEJ)                 D9-32 (A7-AEJ)               D9-33 (HA-LPO)             D9-34 (VP-BRW)             D9-35 (9V-SWA)               D9-36 (EI-DSK)                D9-37 (TS-IMO)                D9-38 (G-EZBJ)


D9-39 (G-EZBJ)               D9-40 (EC-LRM)              D9-41 (EC-LRM)                D9-42 (B-6541)                 D9-43 (B-6541)                D9-44 (B-6541)                 D9-45 (EI-CZH)                 D9-46 (EI-IKB)


D9-47 (Looking out)          D9-48 (Milan MXP)

Milan 5/7/2012 (Volandia Museum Tour)


D9-54 (I-SMTE)                D9-55 (I-SMTE)          D9-56 (Lilental Glider)        D9-57 (MM100002)        D9-58 (MM100002)                     D5-59 (-)                           D5-60 (-)                      D9-63 (I-4906)  


D9-62 (I-4906)                  D9-63 (I-CNVR)                     D9-64 (-)                            D9-65 (-)                  D9-66 (I-CAVT)                D9-67 (I-DURI)                D9-68 (I-DURI)                D9-69 (I-TRIB)


D9-70 (I-TRIB)                 D9-71 (I-TURB)                D9-72 (I-TURB)                D9-73 (I-TURB)                D9-74 (C/N 232)              D9-75 (C/N 232)                 D9-76 (I-PITT)                 D9-77 (I-PITT)


  D9-78 (I-RAPP)                D9-79 (I-RAPP)                    D9-80 (-)                             D9-81 (-)                            D9-82 (-)                             D9-83 (-)                    D9-84 (I-MARY)               D9-85 (I-MARY)


    D9-86 (231)                       D9-87 (231)                        D9-88 (231)                 D9-89 (CA.3 Tail)             D9-90 (CA.3 Info)              D9-91 (I-CCAA)               D9-92 (Replica)                  D9-93 (Replica)


  D9-94 (Replica)            D9-95 (Mock-up)        D9-96 (Gondola)            D9-97 (I-AXAC)               D9-98 (I-AXAC)               D9-99 (I-AXAC)              D9-100 (I-RAGF)             D9-101 (I-RAGF)


  D9-102 (I-RAGF)              D9-103 (I-RAGF)              D9-104 (I-RAGF)                D9-105 (Sim)                D9-106 (MM9327)           D9-107 (MM7431)           D9-108 (MM11341)          D9-109 (MM11341)


     D9-112 (J-1159)                D9-113 (J-1159)                D9-114 (J-1159)               D9-115 (I-FABR)             D9-116 (I-AMDA)            D9-117 (I-AMDA)               D9-118 (I-SIJF)             D9-119 (MMX599)  


D9-120 (MMX599)             D9-121 (MM572)              D9-122 (MM572)             D9-123 (MM572)            D9-124 (MM23881)          D9-125 (MM23881)         D9-126 (MM80495)           D9-127 (I-AGUM)


D9-128 (MM81051)          D9-129 (MM80931)          D9-130 (MM80483)          D9-131 (MM80483)          D9-132 (MM81172)               D9-133 (-)                        D9-134 (-)                D9-135 (MM5021N)


D9-136 (MM5021N)          D9-137 (MM80840)         D9-138 (MM80369)                D9-139 (Sim)                     D9-140 (Sim)                    D9-141 (Sim)              D9-142 (Nose Cone)            D9-143 (N609TR)  


D9-144 (N609TR)            D9-145 (N609TR)

And something for the kids.


D9-146 (Play Park)          D9-147 (Play Park)            D9-148 (Play Park)          D9-149 (Inflatable)

The following pictures are from the restoration / storage areas, access to these areas is not permitted.


        D9-49 (3257)                     D9-50 (Heli's)                        D9-51 (-)                           D9-52 (-)                   D9-53 (MM53778)          D9-110 (MM53778)       D9-111 (MM53778)

Milan 4/7/2012

 Finally it was back to the terminal for our flight home (some of these pictures were taken through windows).


  D9-150 (I-DISO)              D9-151 (N195AQ)            D9-152 (TC-IMG)            D9-153 (HA-LPX)            D9-154 (SU-GDB)            D9-155 (OH-LVF)            D9-156 (VQ-BAV)

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