Trips 2011

Gamston 8/9/2011


 D7-815 (G-DJET)             D7-816 (G-CCLV)


Cambridge 8/9/2011


         D7-817 (U-06)                   D7-818 (U-06)                  D7-819 (G-781)               D7-820 (G-MICE)             D7-821 (G-AHIZ)             D7-822 (G-AHIZ)            D7-823 (G-TABS)     

The following pictures from Cambridge are for / were for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please   contact me.


Recog 43                            Recog 44                            Recog 45


Stanstead 8/9/2011


D7-824 (G-EZEW)           D7-825 (G-BWDB)             D7-826 (EI-DLJ)              D7-827 (EI-DCL)            D7-828 (G-GSSB)            D7-829 (G-EZEA)             D7-830 (G-EZAV)             D7-831 (EI-DCP)


D7-832 (G-EZDU)             D7-833 (G-EZIE)            D7-834 (EI-DHV)             D7-835 (EI-EBM)             D7-836 (EI-DWF)             D7-837 (EI-EKF)              D7-838 (EI-DCG)            D7-839 (G-EZIL)


D7-840 (G-EZFJ)              D7-841 (D-ABAQ)           D7-842 (EI-DPH)             D7-843 (EI-DHH)             D7-844 (EI-DLE)              D7-845 (ZS-SKA)            D7-846 (G-CEAP)            D7-847 (M-NICE)


Luton 8/9/2011


  D7-848 (ZS-BOT)            D7-849 (N778CR)             D7-850 (EI-CPT)             D7-851 (G-LEGC)            D7-852 (G-LEGC)            D7-853 (N650PL)

The following pictures from Luton are for / were for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Recog 46                            Recog 47                            Recog 48                            Recog 49


East Mids 8/9/2011


D7-854 (G-RWGW)          D7-855 (EI-EKM)            D7-856 (EI-EKM)                D7-857 (View)               D7-858 (G-HEMZ)            D7-859 (N289CW)           D7-860 (G-BLZP)              D7-861 (G-VIPY)


    D7-862 (CS-TEI)              D7-863 (G-BIKM,            D7-864 (CS-TEX,            D7-865 (G-BVKB)  

  ZS-JIZ)                                MAMx)


Manchester, Newark and New York 22/10/2011 - 28/10/2011

Not a spotting trip, but a few things did make it in front of the camera. Some of these pictures were taken from behind windows, hence the distortion.


     D7-969 (A7-ACI)              D7-970 (N174DZ)              D7-971 (N33132)              D7-972 (N33132)             D7-973 (TF-LLX)            D7-974 (G-DOCG,           D7-975 (G-DOCG,          D7-976 (N33132)  

                                                                                                                                                                                 TOYL)                               TOYL)    


 D7-977 (N33132)                  D7-978 (View)                  D7-979 (12437)                 D7-980 (12437)               D7-981 (N87000)              D7-982 (N620LG)


USS Intrepid 26/10/2011


D7-983 (Misslie)                 D7-984 (53842)                D7-985 (135868)               D7-986 (128519)               D7-987 (142833)                   D7-988 (Sim)                D7-989 (64-15393)                D7-990 (Wing)


D7-991 (159232)               D7-992 (159232)                D7-993 (127074)               D7-994 (127074)             D7-995 (MM54439)          D7-996 (MM54439)            D7-997 (150628)                D7-998 (150628)


D7-999 (999734)                D8-1 (999734)                   D8-2 (XD220)                       D8-3 (60)                            D8-4 (60)                      D8-5 (Red 4105)               D8-6 (Red 4105)                 D8-7 (Red 327)


D8-8 (Red 327)                  D8-9 (Blk 624)                 D8-10 (Blk 624)                 D8-11 (N34Z)                    D8-12 (N34Z)                  D8-13 (Line-up)                D8-14 (59-1621)               D8-15 (0-15956)


 D8-16 (159218)                 D8-17 (N16861)              D8-18 (USCG1429)              D8-19 (79-403)                 D8-20 (60-6925)               D8-21 (60-6925)                  D8-22 (157986)                 D8-23 (162185)


  D8-24 (145550)                  D8-25 (145550)                 D8-26 (141117)                 D8-27 (141117)                 D8-28 (Line-up)                 D8-29 (141884)                 D8-30 (141884)                D8-31 (Line-up)


               D8-32 (Line-up)                 D8-33 (147212)                D8-34 (147212)                    D8-35 (View)                     D8-36 (View)                 D8-37 (60-6925)                   D8-38 (View)                 D8-39 (G-BOAD)             

The following pictures are of a McDonnell F3H Demon, in the Restoration Area on board the ship.


   D8-40 (133566)                 D8-41 (133566)  

The following pictures are of a 40th scale model of the USS Intrepid, made out of Lego.

D8-42 (Model Info) 


 D8-43 (Model)                   D8-44 (Model)                  D8-45 (Model)                   D8-46 (Model)                  D8-47 (Model)                   D8-48 (Model)                  D8-49 (Model)                  D8-50 (Model)


RAF Dishforth 8/11/2011


 D8-72 (XZ212)                  D8-73 (XZ677)                  D8-74 (XZ677)                  D8-75 (XZ184)                  D8-76 (XZ606)                 D8-77 (XZ606)                    D8-78 (View)                   D8-79 (XZ215)


 D8-80 (XZ215)                  D8-81 (ZG920)                 D8-82 (ZG920)                  D8-83 (ZG920)          D8-84 (50 Cal Gun)           D8-85 (ZD280)                 D8-86 (XX384)                  D8-87 (XX384)


D8-88 (Bits)                 D8-89 (ZE379)                  D8-90 (XZ654)                  D8-91 (ZB670)                  D8-92 (ZB670)


Prestwick 19/11/2011


 D8-102 (RYR's)                 D8-103 (RYR's)                D8-104 (RYR's)              D8-105 (EI-ENA)             D8-106 (G-BTKL)              D8-107 (EI-ENA,            D8-108 (G-ORJX)             D8-109 (95-0099)



D8-110 (95-0099)              D8-111 (177703)               D8-112 (165159)

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Incorporating:- Gamston, Cambridge, Stanstead, Luton, East Mids, Manchester, Newark, USS Intrepid, Dishforth and Prestwick.


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