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Tucson Arizona 27/7/2010 to 3/8/2010

The pictures from Tucson are split into two sections, "the Storage Grounds" which can be found on Page 5, "the General Pictures" can be found below.


  D5-993 (N712S)             D5-994 (N733MA)          D5-995 (XB-BDJ)          D5-996 (N431MC)           D5-997 (N2049K)            D5-998 (Tucson 1)            D5-998 (Banner)            D5-999 (F16's - 1)


D5-999 (F16's - 2)           D5-999 (F16's - 3)            D5-999 (Banner)                D6-1 (40523)                        D6-2 (-)                        D6-3 (N7521T)                D6-4 (N8254J)                D6-5 (N6918H)


D6-6 (N8173N)                 D6-7 (N5973N)                D6-8 (Tucson 3)               D6-8 (Banner)                 D6-9 (ZK-JNC)              D6-10 (Tucson 5)             D6-10 (Banner)               D6-11 (N957PG)


 D6-12 (N675AA)              D6-13 (N315UA)             D6-14 (N635BR)                     D6-15 (-)                    D6-16 (N291TC)               D6-17 (N47239)               D6-18 (N77195)            D6-19 (Tucson 13)


 D6-19 (Banner)                     D6-20 (-)                    D6-21 (N3715M)               D6-22 (N6828)               D6-23 (N914PG)             D6-24 (P4-MED)              D6-25 (P4-MED)            D6-26 (Tucson 18)


D6-26 (Banner)               D6-27 (C-GGMP)            D6-28 (N115FE)                      D6-29 (-)                   D6-30 (N697SW)            D6-31 (N403SW)            D6-32 (N450AA)              D6-33 (N450AA)

Pictures D6-27 to D6-29 are located at the Pima Community College Aviation Technical Center.


D6-34 (N682FE)              D6-35 (Tucson 19)            D6-35 (Banner)              D6-36 (N775TA)           D6-37 (Tucson 20)             D6-37 (Banner)            D6-38 (Tucson 21)             D6-38 (Banner)


D6-39 (Tucson 22)           D6-40 (Tucson 23)            D6-41 (N5802J)              D6-42 (N331AR,            D6-43 (N331AR)                 D6-44 (N1DC)                 D6-45 (N330E)             D6-46 (XB-CDW)



D6-47 (N548D)                 D6-48 (N3192C)             D6-49 (N3505X)              D6-50 (N3505X)               D6-51 (N1402F)              D6-52 (N24936)              D6-53 (N5446W)             D6-54 (N60958)


D6-55 (N3682S)              D6-56 (N1154D)              D6-57 (N1154D)             D6-58 (N5418R)              D6-59 (XA-MEG)            D6-60 (40523)                 D6-61 (N687AE)              D6-62 (N80187)


D6-403 (N410TV)             D6-708 (N682FE)            D6-709 (N712S)           D6-710 (Tucson 31)         D6-711 (Tucson 32)          D6-712 (Tucson 33)       D6-713 (Tucson 34)           D6-714 (N63DB)


D6-715 (N665WN)             D6-716 (N54JC)             D6-717 (N700ND)           D6-718 (N420WN)          D6-719 (N590AS)             D6-720 (N743SK)           D6-721 (N743SK)             D6-722 (N17275)

D6-723 (N37xxx)

If any one can tie up any of the missing reg's, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.

The following pictures from Tucson are for / were for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please    contact me.


       Recog 9 (N519MT)                      Recog 10                       Recog 11                           Recog 12                            Recog 13                          Recog 34                          Recog 35                           Recog 36              


 Recog 37                          Recog 38                          Recog 39

If any one can tie up any of the missing reg's, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Planes of Fame Air Museum, Grand Canyon 31/7/2010

  On the way home from a trip to the Grand Canyon, came a little surprise, as the bus sailed straight past this museum. Unable to stop, all these pictures were taken from the bus window.


       D6-404 (53-5541,              D6-405 (141868)               D6-406 (N6915,                D6-407 (N6915)             D6-408 (N422NA)           D6-409 (N240HH)     

   45-59556,  N636X)                                                             141868)                                                                                                                                          

The aircraft nose seen in pictures D6-406 and D6-407 is the reflection of N422NA.


Buckeye Arizona 1/8/2010


            D6-410 (N4819E)             D6-411 (N15501)            D6-412 (N216HU)           D6-413 (N126HP)           D6-414 (NL3438G)           D6-415 (N243DC)              D6-416 (N8151)                    D6-417 (-)                 


   D6-418 (N71456)             D6-419 (N6066D)                   D6-420 (-)       

If any one can tie up any of the missing reg's, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Commemorative Air Force Museum Mesa, Arizona 1/8/2010


 D6-421 (507 Red)            D6-422 (507 Red)                D6-423 (18)                 D6-424 (NX7757U)            D6-425 (153016)              D6-426 (153016)              D6-427 (N5110)               D6-428 (N5110)   


D6-429 (N17357)          D6-430 (Radioplane)          D6-431 (N47DJ)               D6-432 (N47DJ)            D6-433 (N802RB)            D6-434 (N802RB)              D6-435 (Toy)                 D6-436 (NC2330)


   D6-437 (F8005)                D6-438 (F8005)              D6-439 (TR-542)        D6-440 (TR-542 Info)     D6-441 (Link Trainer)        D6-442 (NC59188)         D6-443 (NC59188)          D6-444 (NC59188)


D6-445 (NL202R)            D6-446 (N52558)             D6-447 (N52558)               D6-448 (N52558)             D6-449 (474404)             D6-450 (474404)               D6-451 (474404)              D6-452 (N76764,



D6-453 (N53ST)            D6-454 (012 Red)              D6-455 (N76764)            D6-456 (N76764)             D6-457 (N3246G)             D6-458 (N4072F)              D6-459 (335972)             D6-460 (N6735)


         D6-461 (N6735)                  D6-462 (4115)                D6-463 (4115)              D6-464 (4115 Info)            D6-465 (N7436B)           D6-466 (N145AZ)            D6-467 (N145AZ)        D6-468 (Gun Turret)     


D6-469 (44-83316)          D6-470 (44-83316)      D6-471 (44-83316 Info)          D6-472 (N90804)             D6-473 (N90804)             D6-474 (N67017)             D6-475 (N67017)             D6-476 (N9993Z)


D6-477 (N9993Z)           D6-478 (N9993Z)             D6-479 (Fuselage)              D6-480 (4115)   

If any one can tie up any of the missing reg's, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Mesa Airport, Arizona 1/8/2010


  D6-481 (N4112L)            D6-482 (N925PA)           D6-483 (N844TH)            D6-484 (N844TH)                   D6-485 (-)                  D6-486 (N76765)               D6-487 (50865)             D6-488 (68-15683)


D6-489 (N2069C)             D6-490 (N2069C)           D6-491 (N91149)             D6-492 (N505MP)            D6-493 (N7454C)            D6-494 (N7454C)            D6-495 (N7454C           D6-496 (N86492)


D6-497 (N86492)             D6-498 (N86492)                  D6-499 (-)                          D6-500 (-)                 D6-501 (HA-5114)                 D6-502 (-)                   D6- 503 (N13YS)               D6-504 (N210Z)


D6-505 (N825SR)           D6-506 (N70DC)             D6-507 (N2210P)               D6-508 (N9890E)           D6-509 (N72677)              D6-510 (N7941T)

If any one can tie up any of the missing reg's, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.

 The following pictures from Mesa are for / were for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please    contact me.


    Recog 14 (N686XX,         Recog 15 (N777RJ,         Recog 16 (N109Wx)         Recog 17 (C-GCFI)          Recog 18 (N55LT,                  Recog 22                            Recog 23                         Recog 24             

N844TH)                           N76765)                                                                                                                  N121F)                                                                                                                          


Recog 25                          Recog 26                           Recog 27                          Recog 28                           Recog  29

The following pictures from Marsh Aviation are for / were for identification purposes only. If any one can tie up any of the reg's here, it would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Recog 19                          Recog 20                           Recog 21


Davis Monthan 2/8/2010

The pictures from Davis Monthan are split into two sections, "the Aerial Pictures" which can be found on Page 5, "the Ground Pictures" can be found below. This was an organised trip and there was no getting off the bus, hence, all the pictures were taken from the bus window.

If any one can help tie up any of the reg's, it would be appreciated. I do have some up to date lists for Pinal and Davis from around the time I was there (July and August), anything extra would be useful. Please contact me. Anyone requiring the use of any pictures can contact me and I will send them a higher resolution picture, most have been cropped and re-sized for the purpose of this website. A few of these pictures have been altered accordingly.

There are no reg's after the picture number in this section.


D6-511                             D6-512                              D6-513                              D6-514                               D6-515                              D6-516                              D6-517                             D6-518


D6-519                             D6-520                              D6-521                              D6-522                               D6-523                              D6-524                              D6-525                             D6-526


D6-527                             D6-528                              D6-529                              D6-530                               D6-531                              D6-532                              D6-532                             D6-534


D6-535                             D6-536                              D6-537                              D6-538                               D6-539                              D6-540                              D6-541                             D6-542


D6-543                             D6-544                              D6-545                              D6-546                               D6-547                              D6-548                              D6-549                             D6-550


D6-551                             D6-552                              D6-553                              D6-554                               D6-555                              D6-556                              D6-557                             D6-558


D6-559                             D6-560                              D6-561                              D6-562                               D6-563                              D6-564                              D6-565                             D6-566


D6-567                             D6-568                              D6-569                              D6-570                               D6-571                              D6-572                              D6-573                             D6-574


D6-575                             D6-576                              D6-577                              D6-578                               D6-579                              D6-580                              D6-581                              D6-582


D6-583                              D6-584                              D6-585                              D6-586                               D6-587                              D6-588                              D6-589                             D6-590


D6-591                             D6-592                              D6-593                              D6-594                               D6-595                              D6-596                              D6-597                             D6-598


D6-599                              D6-600                              D6-601                              D6-602                               D6-603                              D6-604                              D6-605                             D6-606


D6-607                             D6-608                              D6-609                              D6-610                               D6-611                              D6-612                              D6-613                             D6-614


D6-615                              D6-616                              D6-617                              D6-618                               D6-619                              D6-620                              D6-621                             D6-622


D6-623                             D6-624                              D6-625                              D6-626                               D6-627                              D6-628                              D6-629                             D6-630


D6--631                            D6-632                              D6-633                              D6-634                               D6-635                              D6-636                              D6-637                             D6-638


D6-639                             D6-640                              D6-641                              D6-642                               D6-643                              D6-644                              D6-645                             D6-646


D6-647                             D6-648                              D6-649                              D6-650                               D6-651                              D6-652                              D6-653                              D6-654


D6-655                             D6-656                              D6-657                              D6-658                               D6-659                              D6-660                              D6-661                             D6-662


D6-663                             D6-664                              D6-665                              D6-666                               D6-667                              D6-668                              D6-669                             D6-670


D6-671                             D6-672                              D6-673                              D6-674                               D6-675                              D6-676                              D6-677                             D6-678


D6-679                             D6-680                              D6-681                              D6-682                               D6-683                              D6-684                              D6-685                             D6-686


D6-687                             D6-688                              D6-689                              D6-690                               D6-691                              D6-692                              D6-693                             D6-694

The following pictures are credited to Sue Reid.


SR11                                SR12                                  SR13                                 SR14                                  SR15                                  SR16                                 SR17                                SR18


SR19                                SR20                                  SR21                                 SR22                                  SR23                                  SR24                                 SR25                                SR26

The following pictures from Davis Monthan are for / were for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please contact me.


Recog 30                          Recog 31                            Recog 32                           Recog 33


Other Yards 2/8/2010

I was unable to gain entry to these yards (unfortunately), as the day, and time I visited, they were closed. I did manage however to get a few pictures a few day later on the bus trip round Davis Monthan.


 D6-695 (-)                       D6-696 (-)                         D6-697 (-)                    D6-697 (Banner)                   D6-698 (-)                       D6-699 (-)


Air National Guard Tucson, Arizona 2/8/2010

This is an active base, poking your camera through the fence will result in a visit from the Base Security and / or the Police.


     D6-700 (28973)                D6-701 (28973)                D6-702 (63055)                 D6-703 (75-394)               D6-704 (0-61134)              D6-705 (13278)               D6-706 (78-005)                    D6-707 (-)         

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