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Wickenby (Wings & Wheels) 19-21/6/2009


       D4-14 (-)                          D4-15 (-)                  D4-16 (G-BTMR)            D4-17 (G-BTMR)            D4-18 (G-BTMR)            D4-19 (G-BDTX)               D4-20 (N6537)                 D4-21 (N6537)

The Sentinel did not land, it just circled the field on the 19th, (Pictures D4-14 and D4-15).


D4-22 (G-IVER)                D4-23 (97+04)                 D4-24 (WJ404)                   D4-25 (5964)                    D4-26 (5964)                   D4-27 (5964)                   D4-28 (MS354)                D4-29 (MS354)


  D4-30 (MS354)                D4-31 (MS354)                D4-32 (MS354)                 D4-33 (MS354)               D4-34 (MW763)              D4-35 (MW763)               D4-36 (MW763)               D4-37 (MW763)


   D4-38 (N6537)            D4-39 (5964, N6527)         D4-40 (G-EFSM)             D4-41 (G-BBTJ)             D4-42 (G-AWNT)           D4-43 (G-MTUD)             D4-44 (G-RVTN)            D4-45 (G-BWHA)


D4-46 (G-BWHB)              D4-47 (WJ404)               D4-48 (G-IKUS)              D4-49 (WD390)              D4-50 (G-ATCN)            D4-51 (G-ATCN)             D4-52 (G-PTAG)               D4-53 (VX927)  


D4-54 (G-OMAL)             D4-55 (G-BBFV)            D4-56 (G-AWNT)           D4-57 (G-MOMA)          D4-58 (G-MOMA)          D4-59 (G-BWPE)            D4-60 (G-BWPE)             D4-61 (G-AXNS)


 D4-62 (G-ICMT)               D4-63 (G-RSMT)            D4-64 (G-SCRZ)             D4-65 (G-ICMT)              D4-66 (N930Z)              D4-67 (G-CDZZ)             D4-68 (G-CECO)            D4-69 (G-CECO)


 D4-70 (G-BUVX)             D4-71 (G-TYER)             D4-72 (G-EFIR)               D4-73 (TW467)                D4-74 (G-IIAI)              D4-75 (G-RSMT)            D4-76 (G-CEFV)            D4-77 (G-AKUW)


D4-78 (G-IKUS)             D4-79 (G-AWNT)            D4-80 (G-BYOV)            D4-81 (G-BYOV)               D4-82 (97+04)              D4-83 (G-BYOV)            D4-84 (G-AXDV)               D4-85 (N930Z)


     D4-86 (G-SKEW)            D4-87 (G-SKEW)            D4-88 (G-SKEW)            D4-89 (G-BUVX)             D4-90 (G-BUVX)            D4-91 (G-EXTR,             D4-92 (G-EXTR,             D4-93 (G-EXTR,     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ROMP)                              ROMP)                              ROMP)


   D4-94 (G-ROMP)            D4-95 (G-EXTR)             D4-96 (G-ROMP)           D4-97 (G-OMAL)           D4-98  (G-BFGG)           D4-99 (G-CDDI)              D4-100 (G-PTAR)          D4-101 (G-BGHJ)   


D4-102 (G-XLAM)            D4-103 (G-IKUS)          D4-104 (G-BHWB)             D4-105 (5964)                  D4-106 (5964)                  D4-107 (5964)                 D4-108 (5964)                 D4-109 (WD390)


  D4-110 (WD390)             D4-111 (TW467)                D4-112 (5964)              D4-113 (G-ROMP)         D4-114 (G-EXTR)             D4-115 (BFYM)            D4-116 (G-BFYM)           D4-117 (G-EXTR,



  D4-118 (G-ATKI)           D4-119 (G-ATKI)            D4-120 (G-CDZZ)          D4-121 (G-BUUX)             D4-122 (AB910)              D4-123 (AB910)              D4-124 (AB910)               D4-125 (AB910)   


      D4-126 (AB910)               D4-127 (AB910)               D4-128 (AB910)             D4-129 (G-OJDS)          D4-130 (G-AKUW)          D4-131 (G-PTAR)           D4-132 (G-BRSW)          D4-133 (G-TAAB)    


  D4-134 (G-TAAB)          D4-135 (G-BYPN)           D4-136 (G-XLAM)           D4-137 (WJ404)             D4-138 (G-CDZZ)           D4-139 (G-CDZZ)            D4-140 (G-IIAI)            D4-141 (G-BZVX)  


 D4-142 (G-BZVX)           D4-143 (G-BWTC)           D4-144 (N6339U)            D4-145 (N6339U)           D4-146 (G-AXHC)            D4-147 (VX927)              D4-148 (1160403)             D4-149 (N6720)   


   D4-150 (N6720)              D4-151 (G-ALBJ)         D4-152 (G-BGWN)                D4-153 (67)                  D4-154 (XG290,             D4-155 (G-OOSI)           D4-156 (G-OOSI)             D4-157 (G-OOSI)

                                         XL578) (as "XG290")


  D4-158 (G-SKEW)            D4-159 (N91384)          D4-160 (G-CDWE)          D4-161 (G-CFGE,            D4-162 (G-BBEA)          D4-163 (G-BBEA)          D4-186 (G-MTUD)          D4-187 (G-MTUD) 

                                                                    (RB42)                   G-CFXT) (RB43)                     (RB44)                                                                                                            

                                    Link to credits          Link to credits          Link to credits                                                                       


D4-188 (G-VGVG)           D4-189 (G-AWVZ)         D4-190 (G-TALG)           D4-191 (G-BZHR)          D4-192 (G-PTAG)           D4-193 (WG308)            D4-194 (WG308)            D4-195 (G-AKVO)


 D4-196 (G-AKVO)         D4-197 (G-AKUW)         D4-198 (G-CDDH)           D4-199 (G-JUDD)           D4-200 (G-CFPA)          D4-201 (G-MLLE)           D4-202 (G-ATZS)            D4-203 (N6339U)  


D4-204 (G-BSTR)            D4-205 (G-CDXL)          D4-206 (G-BJZN)           D4-207 (G-RVCL)          D4-208 (G-MVCR)         D4-209 (G-COUZ)           D4-210 (G-IKON)           D4-211 (G-IKON)


 D4-212 (G-CFDY)                  D4-213 (-)                         D4-214 (-)                         D4-215 (-)                         D4-216 (-)                         D4-217 (-)                 D4-218 (G-BOPD)          D4-219 (G-FBWH)


D4-220 (G-CEJE)            D4-221 (G-CEJE)           D4-222 (G-AWGK)         D4-223 (G-IORG)           D4-224 (G-LUBY)           D4-225 (G-LUBY)          D4-226 (G-BHWA)         D4-227 (G-BJOT)


D4-228 (G-BJOT)           D4-229 (G-ASAU)           D4-230 (G-BVOS)          D4-231 (G-BVOS)              D4-232 (97+04)             D4-233 (G-EWBC)            D4-234 (K8303)               D4-235 (K8303)  


  D4-236 (K8303)              D4-237 (G-APIE)            D4-238 (G-APIE)          D4-239 (G-AWFW)        D4-240 (G-AWFW)          D4-241 (G-RVET)           D4-242 (N6339U)              D4-243 (G-SIIE)


   D4-244 (G-SIIE)            D4-245 (G-CCOR)          D4-246 (G-CDLK)          D4-247 (G-CEDM)            D4-248 (WD390)           D4-249 (G-CDOV)          D4-250 (G-CDOV)          D4-251 (G-AWDA)


D4-252 (G-AWDA)         D4-253 (G-AWVZ)         D4-254 (G-CCNU)           D4-255 (G-CCNU)          D4-256 (G-AWNT)         D4-257 (G-BFTH)           D4-258 (G-BVEH)           D4-259 (G-BVEH)


D4-260 (G-KEVS)           D4-261 (G-BONW)         D4-262 (G-BDNU)           D4-263 (G-CDJE)           D4-264 (G-CDJE)           D4-265 (G-ATDO)             D4-266 (N6537)            D4-267 (G-BAHD)


D4-268 (G-ATDO)          D4-269 (G-ATDO)          D4-270 (G-AWVC)          D4-271 (G-BCPN)           D4-272 (G-NIEN)            D4-273 (G-NIEN)           D4-274 (G-CEBF)           D4-275 (G-CEBF)


 D4-276 (G-ASME)           D4-277 (G-BIHX)            D4-278 (G-OJDA)          D4-279 (G-CDSS)           D4-280 (G-BSMU)          D4-281 (G-BSMU)          D4-282 (G-EFSM)           D4-283 (G-BMHT)


 D4-284 (G-BBFV)          D4-285 (G-OGBR)     D4-286 (G-OGBR, 5964)         D4-287 (5964)    

Click here for Balloons from this meeting.


Baxby (Husthwaite) 11/7/2009

A very friendly, but hard to find airfield. Please ask permission to walk round.


D4-425 (G-OEKS)            D4-426 (G-CDYD)          D4-427 (G-OJDS)           D4-428 (G-IZIT)             D4-429 (G-LYPG)            D4-430 (OBAX)              D4-431 (G-CCGB)           D4-432 (G-CDIJ)


D4-433 (G-CBBO)          D4-434 (G-AJIS)             D4-435 (G-RHAM)          D4-436 (G-BZKO)         D4-437 (G-CFLD)            D4-438 (G-MYXH)         D4-439 (G-MGWH)         D4-440 (G-OSEP)


D4-441 (G-MYCS)          D4-442 (G-JAME)            D4-443 (G-CDKL)           D4-444 (G-SRII)

Click here for Balloons from this visit.


Reus & Salou, Spain 20/7/2009 - 3/8/2009

Not a spotting trip, but a few things did make it in front of the camera.


    D4-493 (Nxxxx)              D4-494 (E.15-43)             D4-495 (E.15-43)              D4-496 (E.15-43)           D4-497 (HE.7A-56)

Pictures D4-493 and 497 were taken from the windows of buses, hence the distortion.


 D4-498 (CC37)                D4-499 (CC37)                 D4-500 (CC37)                D4-501 (CC37)

Pictures D4-498 to 501 are of a Grumman Goose (real / model / replica ?) situated at Port Aventura Salou, the aircraft is only visible from inside the Water Park "Port Caribe".

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