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Manchester 9/5/2009


D3-553 (G-OOBD)          D3-554 (G-OOBD)         D3-555 (G-OOBD)          D3-556 (N272AY)          D3-557 (N272AY)           D3-558 (G-CELF)            D3-559 (G-CELF)           D3-560 (G-DOCS)


D3-561 (G-DOCS)           D3-562 (G-EUXD)           D3-563 (G-EUXD)           D3-564 (G-SMYJ)           D3-565 (G-SMYJ)          D3-566 (G-ODSK,           D3-567 (G-ODSK)           D3-568 (G-ODSK)



D3-569 (G-EUXD)            D3-570 (G-EUXD)           D3-571 (G-OOPP,          D3-572 (G-OOPP)           D3-573 (G-ECOJ)           D3-574 (G-ECOJ)           D3-575 (G-JMCF)            D3-576 (G-JMCF)



D3-577 (G-TOYM)          D3-578 (G-TOYM)          D3-579 (G-WJAN,          D3-580 (G-WJAN)         D3-581 (G-WJAN)          D3-582 (G-BYAP)          D3-583 (G-JEDO)            D3-584 (G-JEDO)



D3-585 (G-JEDM)            D3-586 (G-JEDM)          D3-587 (G-OJMB)          D3-588 (G-OJMB)         D3-589 (N41140)            D3-590 (G-RJXD)           D3-591 (HB-JVC)            D3-592 (HB-JVC)


D3-593 (HB-JVC)            D3-594 (HB-JVC)          D3-595 (G-COBO)          D3-596 (G-COBO)         D3-597 (G-COBO)         D3-598 (OH-LKH)          D3-599 (G-OZBI)             D3-600 (G-OZBI)


D3-601 (G-RJXH)           D3-602 (D-ACHE)           D3-603 (D-ACHE)           D3-604 (G-OZBG)          D3-605 (N17139)            D3-606 (N17139)           D3-607 (G-NIKO)             D3-608 (G-NIKO)


D3-609 (TC-OAN)           D3-610 (PH-KZH)           D3-611 (LN-RMP)           D3-612 (N704X)            D3-613 (N1848K)        D3-613 (2) (N1848K)        D3-614 (M-LJGI,           D3-614 (2) (M-LJGI,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             VP-CED)                           VP-CED)


D3-615 (N595E)             D3-615 (2) (N595E)          D3-616 (N704X)             D3-617 (5B-DBU)           D3-618 (G-MDBD)         D3-619 (G-MDBD)          D3-620 (5B-DBU)            D3-621 (D-ABIU)

Pictures D3-613, 614 and 615 have all been cropped, and are a little blurred, this is due to heat haze.


D3-622 (D-ABIU)           D3-623 (G-VROM)         D3-624 (G-VROM)           D3-625 (9V-SVK)           D3-626 (9V-SVK,           D3-627 (9V-SVK)           D3-628 (9V-SVK)            D3-629 (9V-SVK)



    D3-630 (OM-ASD)          D3-631 (G-OBYJ)           D3-632 (G-OBYJ)          D3-633 (F-GFKG)            D3-634 (G-LSAA)          D3-635 (G-LSAA)           D3-636 (G-GMPB)          D3-637 (G-GMPB)  


D3-638 (G-RJXA)           D3-639 (G-EUXG)          D3-640 (G-MLJL)           D3-641 (G-MLJL)          D3-642 (G-EUXG)           D3-643 (G-EUXG)          D3-644 (G-MIDY)           D3-645 (EI-DPW)


D3-646 (G-WOWE)        D3-647 (AP-BGY)           D3-648 (G-MONS)          D3-649 (G-MONS)         D3-650 (LN-RMP)          D3-651 (LN-RMP)          D3-652 (TC-JGU)            D3-653 (PH-BDO)


D3-654 (G-VTOP)          D3-655 (G-VTOP)          D3-656 (G-VTOP)          D3-657 (OH-LKH)          D3-658 (OH-LKH)           D3-659 (9H-AEF)            D3-660 (9H-AEF)            D3-661 (EI-CPT)


  D3-662 (OO-DJQ,          D3-663 (OO-DJQ)           D3-664 (OO-DJQ)           D3-665 (N370AA)          D3-666 (N370AA)           D3-667 (G-OBYI)            D3-668 (G-TOYA)           D3-669 (N836MH)



D3-670 (N836MH)          D3-671 (OM-ASD)         D3-672 (OM-ASD)         D3-673 (G-JEDT)             D3-674 (G-ECOP)           D3-675 (N272AY)           D3-676 (N272AY)            D3-677 (N272AY)


D3-678 (EI-DPW)            D3-679 (EI-DPW)           D3-680 (TC-KTD)           D3-681 (TC-KTD)           D3-682 (5B-DBU)           D3-683 (5B-DBU)           D3-684 (G-JECX)            D3-685 (G-JECX)


D3-686 (D-AVRN)           D3-687 (D-AVRN)          D3-688 (SE-RHR)            D3-689 (N41140)             D3-690 (N41140)           D3-691 (G-CDPT)           D3-692 (G-CDPT)           D3-693 (G-FBEX)


D3-694 (G-GBTB)           D3-695 (PH-BDO)          D3-696 (PH-BDO)          D3-697 (TC-JGU)           D3-698 (G-TOYM)          D3-699 (G-BCCK)          D3-700 (TC-JGU)            D3-701 (TC-JGU)


D3-702 (G-CPEU)            D3-703 (AP-BGY)           D3-704 (HB-IPS)            D3-705 (HB-IPS)             D3-706 (D-AIQT)           D3-707 (G-FDZE)           D3-708 (G-FDZE)           D3-709 (A7-ACL)


D3-710 (A7-ACL)            D3-711 (A7-ACL)           D3-712 (G-LSAC)           D3-713 (G-LSAC)              D3-714 (B2476)               D3-715 (B2476)               D3-716 (B2476)              D3-717 (G-FDZJ)


 D3-718 (G-FDZJ)           D3-719 (G-ECOP)           D3-720 (G-OOBD)         D3-721 (G-OOBD)           D3-722 (G-JECX)           D3-723 (SE-RHS)            D3-724 (SE-RHS)           D3-725 (G-OZBK)


 D3-726 (G-EZTC)          D3-727 (G-OMYA)          D3-728 (G-OOBC)          D3-729 (G-XBEL)          D3-730 (G-TOYA)           D3-731 (G-CELC)           D3-732 (G-JEDR)           D3-733 (G-TCCA)


D3-734 (G-TCCA)           D3-735 (G-RJXN)           D3-736 (F-GUGO)          D3-737 (F-GUGO)           D3-738 (G-EZTB)           D3-739 (G-OZBT)           D3-740 (5B-DBC)           D3-741 (5B-DBC)


D3-742 (G-WJAN)          D3-743 (G-WJAN)          D3-744 (G-MIDX)           D3-745 (G-TOYM)         D3-746 (G-OZBU)           D3-747 (G-CELI)           D3-748 (G-CELG)           D3-749 (G-ODSK)


 D3-750 (G-EUUH)           D3-751 (EI-DVE)            D3-752 (G-BYAS)           D3-753 (G-JMCF)          D3-754 (A6-EYR)           D3-755 (A6-EYR)            D3-756 (A6-EYR)            D3-757 (G-CELF)


 D3-758 (G-OOPP)          D3-759 (G-OZBG)            D3-760 (EI-DCR)           D3-761 (TC-JGH)


Heathrow 13/5/2009


  D3-764 (-)                         D3-765 (-)

Pictures D3-764 and D3-765 have been taken through a window, hence the reflection.


East Fortune 30/5/2009


 D3-818 (G-BOAA)          D3-819 (G-BOAA)       D3-820 (G-BOAA)    D3-821 (G-BOAA)    D3-822 (G-BOAA)        D3-823 (G-BOAA)       D3-824 (G-BOAA)        D3-825 (G-BOAA)


D3-826 (G-BOAA)        D3-827 (G-BOAA)          D3-828 (G-BOAA)          D3-829 (G-BOAA)          D3-830 (G-BOAA)            D3-831 (XZ119)           D3-832 (XZ119)            D3-833 (XZ119)     


  D3-834 (XZ119)            D3-835 (G-AVMO)         D3-836 (G-AVMO)        D3-837 (RCAF9940)       D3-838 (RCAF9940)        D3-839 (G-AXEH)              D3-840 (F+IS)              D3-841 (VH-UQB)


D3-842 (G-AVPC)           D3-843 (G-BVWK)         D3-844 (G-ACVA)            D3-845 (XL762)              D3-846 (XL762)              D3-847 (WV493)               D3-848 (XA109)             D3-849 (XA109)  


D3-850 (G-AOEL)              D3-851 (ES915)            D3-852 (G-AHKV)           D3-853 (G-APFJ)          D3-854 (G-AMOG)           D3-855 (Rocket)                    D3-856 (-)                          D3-857 (-)      


D3-858 (G-ACYK)           D3-859 (VH-SNB)           D3-860 (VH-SNB)          D3-861 (G-HEBZ            D3-862 (G-ASUG)           D3-863 (G-ANOV)          D3-864 (G-BBBV)           D3-865 (G-ARPH)

                                                                                            as "G-BELF")                                                                                                         (Mockup)          


 D3-866 (G-JSSD)             D3-867 (VM360)             D3-868 (G-BBVF)           D3-869 (G-BBVF)             D3-870 (XM597)             D3-871 (XM597)             D3-872 (XM597)              D3-873 (Missile)  


D3-874 (G-BDIX)             D3-875 (G-BDIX)           D3-876 (G-BDIX)             D3-877 (XN776)              D3-878 (XN776)              D3-879 (ZE934)               D3-880 (TE462)               D3-881 (191659)


   D3-882 (XV277)                D3-883 (3677)          D3-884 (Target Drone)    D3-885 (Target Drone)        D3-886 (WF259)              D3-887 (WF259)            D3-888 (G-ARCX)          D3-889 (G-ARCX)


     D3-890 (WW145)             D3-891 (WW145)             D3-892 (XT288)               D3-893 (XT288)              D3-894 (VX185)                 D3-895 (-)                D3-896 (155848)         D3-897 (Link Trainer)

                                                                                                                                (Brabazon Remains)


  D3-898 (-)               D3-899 (3x Wings)           D3-900 (273)               D3-901 (G-ATOY)                   D3-902 (-)

The following wings are to be found on the way out, any tie up would be appreciated. Please contact me.


 D3- 903 (-)                        D3-904 (-)                          D3-905 (-)

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Incorporating:- Hendon, Yarm and Over Dinsdale.

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Incorporating:- Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare, Yeovilton, Old Warden and Coventry.

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Incorporating:- Manchester, Heathrow and East Fortune.

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Incorporating:- Wickenby, Baxby (Husthwaite) and Spain.

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Incorporating:- Dumfries, Kelvingrove Art Gallery Glasgow, Prestwick and Carlisle.


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