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Bristol Filton 4/4/2009


      D2-997 (9G-MKG)        D2-998 (G-MKKA)                   D2-999 (-)                   D3-1 (VP-CMN)        

The following 3 pictures are for identification purposes only. Any help in identifying the pictured aircraft would be appreciated. Please contact me.


 Recog 1                            Recog 2                             Recog 3


Bristol 4/4/2009


D3-2 (CS-DFM)                D3-3 (G-KPEI)


The Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare 5/4/2009


   D3-4 (G-ELEC)               D3-5 (D-HMQV)          D3-6 (D-HMQV)             D3-7 (AP506)                 D3-8 (Mock-up)                      D3-9 (-)                              D3-10 (-)                   D3-11 (N114WG)


 D3-12 (XL811)                  D3-13 (A41)                     D3-14 (A41)                 D3-15 (G-ORVB)              D3-16 (XP165)                D3-17 (XG452)               D3-18 (G-ALSX)               D3-19 (XL829)


D3-20 (XL829)                D3-21 (BAPC10)               D3-22 (XW839)              D3-23 (XX910)              D3-24 (ZE477)                D3-25 (G-BGHF)             D3-26 (G-HAUL)             D3-27 (G-EHIL)


D3-28 (G-EHIL)               D3-29 (XV733)                D3-30 (XR486)               D3-31 (G-BKGD)             D3-32 (XM328)              D3-33 (G-AVNE)             D3-34 (OO-SHW)           D3-35 (G-ASTP)


   D3-36 (16506)                D3-37 (66-16579)             D3-38 (XT190)               D3-39 (G-OTED)           D3-40 (108 & CDL)         D3-41 (F-WQAP)               D3-42 (81+00)               D3-43 (F-OCMF)


D3-44 (SP-SAY)               D3-45 (XG462)                    D3-46 (07)                        D3-47 (05)                  D3-48 (51-16622)           D3-49 (DDR-SPY)           D3-50 (G-AWRP)              D3-51 (96+26)


    D3-52 (9147)                D3-53 (G-AOZE)              D3-54 (G-ATFG)                     D3-55 (-)                    D3-56 (XM330)                    D3-57 (-)                    D3-58 (-)                 D3-59 (WG719)


  D3-60 (XE521)             D3-61 (BAPC60)      D3-62 (G-BAPS)          D3-63 (G-BAPS)              D3-64 (BAPC289)       D3-65 (BAPC289)       D3-66 (G-AODA)             D3-67 (G-AODA)


   D3-68 (G-BIGP,                D3-69 (G-BIGP,               D3-70 (XT443)                D3-71 (XD163)                  SR5 (XK940)                D3-72 (G-ATBZ)           D3-73 (WG30 Rig)           D3-74 (N112WG)

   BVWL)                              BVWL)                                                                                      Link to credits                                                                                                   


  D3-75 (XS149)                D3-76 (N118WG)            D3-77 (N5820T)              D3-78 (N5840T)             D3-79 (G-ANJV)                     D3-80 (-)                     D3-81 (XG596)               D3-82 (G-PASA)


      D3-83 (-)                        D3-84 (VZ962)                D3-85 (XT472)               D3-86 (G-PASA,             D3-87 (G-ANFH)             D3-88 (G-PASA,                     D3-89 (-)                      D3-90 (XP404)

                                                 PASB)                                                                          PASB)   


   D3-91 (-)                      D3-92 (XR526)                D3-93 (XS486)                SR6 (BAPC153)                       SR7 (-)                               SR8 (-)                               SR9 (-)                                SR1 (-) 

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Bristol Art Gallery 5/4/2009


D3-94 (BAPC40)             D3-95 (BAPC40)              D3-96 (BAPC40)             D3-97 (BAPC40)


Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton 6/4/2009


  D3-99 (BAPC149)             D3-100 (XZ499)               D3-101 (XZ499)             D3-102 (VH127)               D3-103 (VX595)              D3-104 (VX595)               D3-105 (L2301)               D3-106 (N1854)   


 D3-107 (N1854)               D3-108 (P4139)                D3-109 (N4389)                    D3-110 (-)                    D3-111 (KD431)              D3-112 (KD431)              D3-113 (KD431)              D3-114 (EX976)


  D3-115 (BAPC58)            D3-116 (BAPC58)             D3-117 (KE209)              D3-118 (XB446)                D3-119 (Z2033)              D3-120 (SX137)             D3-121 (G-BMZF)             D3-122 (WJ231)  

 (as "15-1585")                  (as "15-1585")                                                                                                                                                                                       (as "01420")                                                  


       D3-127 (-)                  D3-128 (WJ231)               D3-129 (WN493)                  D3-130 (-)                    D3-131 (N4389)                    D3-132 (-)                    D3-133 (EX976)               D3-134 (EX976)


        D3-135 (-)                           D3-136 (-)                    D3-137 (N1854,                D3-138 (L2940)               D3-139 (L2940)              D3-140 (L2940)                D3-141 (L2940)               D3-142 (XV333)    



 D3-143 (XT596)              D3-144 (XD317)                D3-145 (XS590)            D3-146 (WV856)              D3-147 (WA473)              D3-148 (XN957)              D3-149 (LZ551)               D3-150 (XT482)


D3-151 (WA473)              D3-152 (XT596)                    D3-153 (-)                         D3-154 (-)                   D3-155 (WA856,              D3-156 (WA856,              D3-157 AL246)                D3-158 (XP841)

                                                                                      XL503)                                XL503)


 D3-159 (XP841)               D3-160 (XP841)                   D3-161 (-)                         D3-162 (-)                     D3-163 (XP980)              D3-164 (XL580)              D3-165 (VR137)               D3-166 (XZ493)


     D3-167 (XZ493)             D3-168 (WG774)              D3-169 (XA127)              D3-170 (XA127)             D3-171 (G-BSST)         D3-172 (G-BSST)      D3-173 (G-BSST)                 D3-174 (-)       


   D3-175 (G-BSST)                   D3-176 (-)                         D3-177 (-)                  D3-178 (WG774)              D3-179 (XP980)            D3-180 (XP980)                  D3-181 (-)                         D3-182 (-)      


        D3-183 (VR137)            D3-184 (BAPC149)                     SR2 (-)                     D3-187 (WV106)       

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The Skua is set as an underwater crash / recovery site. (Pictures D3-138 to D3-141)

The exhibits in Hall 3 are set onboard a mock-up HMS Ark Royal Flight Deck, the hall is quite dark. (Pictures D3-142 to D3-156)

The exhibits in Hall 4 are also quite dark (Pictures D3-158 to D3-183)

The last picture is of a Douglas Skyraider outside Cobham Hall (Picture D3-187)


RNAS Yeovilton 6/4/2009


 D3-98 (XZ922)                D3-123 (ZD258)                    D3-124 (-)                D3-125 (G-BYWM)         D3-126 (G-BYXK)             D3-185 (ZD581)              D3-186 (XZ728)


The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden 7/4/2009


D3-188 (G-BSXI)              D3-189 (N6290)             D3-190 (G-AAIN)            D3-191 (AR501)               D3-192 (G-AAIN)               D3-193 (F904)                  D3-194 (9917)                D3-195 (H5199)  


D3-196 (D8096)                  D3-197 (D8096)              D3-198 (D8096)              D3-199 (H5199)                 D3-200 (C4918)              D3-201 (C4918)              D3-202 (C4918)                  D3-203 (9917)


D3-204 (T6818)                  D3-205 (K1786)              D3-206 (K1786)              D3-207 (L8032)               D3-208 (L8032)              D3-209 (Z7015)              D3-210 (Z7015)                  D3-211 (K5414)


D3-212 (191454)               D3-213 (191454)             D3-214 (K3215)               D3-215 (K3215)             D3-216 (BAPC3)             D3-217 (BAPC3)            D3-218 (BAPC3)              D3-219 (G-EBWD)


D3-220 (G-EBWD)           D3-221 (G-EBWD)           D3-222 (V9367)              D3-223 (G-STIG)             D3-224 (G-STIG)             D3-225 (P6382)            D3-226 (G-ACSS)             D3-227 (G-ACSS)

  (as "D-2692")                  (as "D-2692")


D3-228 (G-ACSS)            D3-229 (G-ACSS)              D3-230 (AQQ)                 D3-231 (AQQ)                  D3-232 (AQQ)                 D3-233 (AQQ)             D3-234 (G-BNZC)           D3-235 (G-STCH)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (as "RCAF18671")             (as"GM+AI")


D3-236 (G-BNZC)           D3-237 (G-AEBB)           D3-238 (G-STCH)             D3-239 (V9367)            D3-240 (G-AAYX)           D3-241 (G-ACTF)           D3-242 (G-ACTF)            D3-243 (G-EBIR)

(as "RCAF18671")                                                        (as"GM+AI")                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


D3-244 (G-EBIR)             D3-245 (G-EBHX)          D3-246 (G-EBHX)      D3-247 (Link Trainer)               D3-248 (-)                 D3-249 (G-AAPZ)            D3-250 (XF603)               D3-251 (XF603)


   D3-252 (GD+EG)             D3-253 (GD+EG)             D3-254 (GD+EG)                D3-255 (-)                           D3-256 (-)                         D3-257 (-)                         D3-258 (-)                          D3-259 (-)       


  D3-260 (V9367)               D3-261 (BAPC3)          D3-262 (Cranfield           D3-263 (G-EBJO)           D3-264 (G-EBLV)            D3-265 (BAPC4)             D3-266 (BAPC4)             D3-267 (BAPC4)

Pilcher Glider)                                                                                                                             


  D3-268 (G-AEBJ)          D3-269 (G-CAMM)         D3-270 (G-CAMM)       D3-271 (12A, BAPC2       D3-272 (12A, BAPC2    D3-273 (12A, BAPC2      D3-274 (12, BAPC1        D3-275 (12, BAPC1

                                                (as "6")                             (as "6")                          & G-ASPP)                     & G-ASPP)                     & G-ASPP)                       & G-ASRG)                    & G-ASRG)


    D3-276 (BAPC5               D3-277 (Lilental          D3-278 (Box Glider)             D3-279 (BAPC5             D3-280 (BAPC5             D3-281 (BAPC11           D3-282 (BAPC11          D3-283 (Box Glider)

    & G-AANI)                            Glider)                                                                 & G-AANI)                      & G-AANI)                     & G-EBNV)                      & G-EBNV)                                                


D3-284 (BAPC8)              D3-285 (Lilental             D3-286 (Cranfield            D3-287 (BAPC1                 D3-288 (Pilcher              D3-289 (BAPC5                   D3-290 (-)                          D3-291 (-)     

Glider)                        Pilcher Glider)                  & G-ARSG)                       Bat Glider)                      & G-AANI)                                         


         D3-292 (-)                 D3-293 (G-AHKX)           D3-294 (G-AHKX)          D3-295 (N3788 &           D3-296 (G-BYPY)           D3-297 (G-BYPY)           D3-298 (G-ABAG)           D3-299 (G-ABAG)



 D3-300 (G-AGSH)           D3-301 (G-AGSH)           D3-302 (G-AGSH)          D3-303 (G-BTBH)           D3-304 (G-BTBH)           D3-305 (G-GLSU)           D3-306 (G-GLSU)                  D3-307 (-)       

                                                                                                                                                                               (as "GL+SU")                   (as "GL+SU")


        D3-308 (-)                          D3-309 (-)                          D3-310 (-)                         D3-311 (-)                         D3-312 (-)                         D3-313 (-)                  D3-314 (E3730)               D3-315 (J6790)    


D3-316 (NQ+NR)                     SR3 (-)       

                                  Link to credits


The Midland Air Museum, Coventry 8/4/2009


D3-317 (VF301)              D3-318 (BAPC179            D3-319 (BAPC9)            D3-320 (Harrier)           D3-321 (BAPC129)        D3-322 (BAPC167)          D3-323 (G-AEGV)              D3-324 (29640)

& A7319)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


D3-325 (G-BRNM)             D3-326 (VZ477)               D3-327 (EE531)             D3-328 (WH646)                   D3-329 (-)                     D3-330 (Red 6)               D3-331 (8242 &             D3-332 (63-7699)



   D3-333 (WF922)                D3-334 (R756 &             D3-335 (XX899)             D3-336 (XR771)                D3-337 (55-713)                  D3-338 (70)                D3-339 (0-82062 &           D3-340 (54-2174)  

64-17756)                                                                                                                                                                                                 58-2062)


   D3-341 (54-2174)            D3-342 (56-0312)              D3-343 (VS623 &           D3-344 (17473 &               D3-345 (17473 &          D3-346 (G-ALCU)           D3-347 (37414 &                    D3-348 (-)       

                                             G-AOKZ)                         51-7473)                            51-7473)                      (as "G-ALVD")                   63-7414)       


  D3-349 (XD626)                  D3-350 (408)               D3-351 (F-BGNR)             D3-352 (XE855)                     D3-353 (-)                D3-354 (VM589 &           D3-355 (G-APJJ)                    D3-356 (-)      

                                                                            (XD626 or XE855)                   BGA804)


     D3-357 (1) (-)            D3-357 (2) (GF+YF &            D3-358 (959)           D3-359 (Link Trainer)    D3-360 (Link Trainer)          D3-361 ZE694)             D3-362 (F-BGNR)            D3-363 (63-7699)



 D3-364 (8242 &            D3-365 (56-0312)             D3-366 (XR771)             D3-367 (0-82062 &                 D3-368 (-)                          D3-369 (-)                         D3-370 (-)                        D3-371 (-)     

     FU-242)                                                                                                               58-2062)                                                                                                                                                                            


  D3-372 (ZE694,               D3-373 (XA508)              D3-374 (R756 &                   D3-375 (-)                    D3-376 (XN685)                    D3-377 (-)                  D3-378 (XA508)               D3-379 (WS838)

      63-7699)                                                                     64-17756)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  D3-380 (WS838)             D3-381 (WS838)               D3-382 (XA699)               D3-383 (XA699)             D3-384 (WV797)            D3-385 (G-ARPL)          D3-386 (G-ARPL)            D3-387 (G-ARPL)


D3-388 (XL360)              D3-389 (XL360)            D3-390 (G-APWN)             D3-391 (VT935)               D3-392 (XK741)              D3-393 (Missile)           D3-394 (G-ARYB)             D3-395 (XJ579)


D3-396 (XJ579)                D3-397 (Red 6)                D3-398 (ZE694,             D3-399 (BAPC179         D3-400 (BAPC179           D3-401 (BAPC179           D3-402 (BAPC9)                     D3-403 (-)   

    63-7699)                          & A7317)                         & A7317)                         & A7317)


      D3-404 (-)                   D3-405 (XF923)           D3-406 (B3+HH            D3-407 (N1498)                  D3-408 (-)             D3-409 (Z9167)                D3-410 (-)              D3-411 (Missile)

& 7087)                                                                                                              

        Remains (Wing)               Remains (Tail)          Remains (JU88 Tail)     Remains (Fuselage)      Remains (Lincoln)    Remains (Whitley)     Remains (Beaufighter)                                      


SR10 (51-4419 &                     SR4 (-)       


 Link to credits         Link to credits


Coventry Airport 8/4/2009


 D3-412 (WK436)             D3-413 (WK436)                   D3-414 (-)                  D3-415 (G-APSA)                  D3-416 (-)                         D3-417 (-)                   D3-418 (WR963)             D3-419 (G-FIJV)

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Incorporating:- Hendon, Yarm and Over Dinsdale.

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Incorporating:- Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare, Yeovilton, Old Warden and Coventry.

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Incorporating:- Manchester, Heathrow and East Fortune.

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Incorporating:- Wickenby, Baxby (Husthwaite) and Spain.

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Incorporating:- Dumfries, Kelvingrove Art Gallery Glasgow, Prestwick and Carlisle.


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