Non Aircraft Pictures

New York 22/10/2011 to 27/10/2011


Non1-715                             Non1-716                           Non1-717                              Non1-718


Non1-719                     Non1-720                      Non1-721                      Non1-722                          Non1-723                         Non1-724                         Non1-725                              Non1-726   


Non1-727                     Non1-728                          Non1-729                             Non1-730                             Non1-731                         Non1-732                     Non1-733                           Non1-734


                                                   Non1-735                          Non1-736                             Non1-737                         Non1-738                          Non1-739                            Non1-740                          Non1-741                         Non1-742


Non1-743                             Non1-744                          Non1-745                         Non1-746                             Non1-747                           Non1-748                              Non1-749                             Non1-750


    Non1-751                             Non1-752                             Non1-753                         Non1-754                        Non1-755                          Non1-756                       Non1-757                       Non1-758


   Non1-759                             Non1-760                              Non1-761                            Non1-762                         Non1-763                          Non1-764                          Non1-765                     Non1-766


                                                           Non1-767                             Non1-768                         Non1-769                      Non1-770                         Non1-771                          Non1-772                     Non1-773                         Non1-774


Non1-775                           Non1-776                      Non1-777                         Non1-778                            Non1-779                          Non1-780                          Non1-781                            Non1-782


Non1-783                             Non1-784                          Non1-785                      Non1-786                      Non1-787                          Non1-788                             Non1-789                            Non1-790

Pictures Non1-779 to Non1-784 were taken from the Hotel window (The Hotel New Yorker).


Non1-791                       Non1-792                      Non1-793                         Non1-794                         Non1-795                       Non1-796                     Non1-797                      Non1-798


Non1-799                        Non1-800                          Non1-801                              Non1-802                            Non1-803                            Non1-804                             Non1-805                            Non1-806


Non1-807                         Non1-808                       Non1-809                     Non1-810                         Non1-811                            Non1-812                             Non1-813                            Non1-814


 Non1-815                          Non1-816                             Non1-817                             Non1-818                            Non1-819                            Non1-820                             Non1-821                            Non1-822     


   Non1-823                              Non1-824                             Non1-825                            Non1-826                             Non1-827                             Non1-828                             Non1-829                         Non1-830


Non1-831                             Non1-832                         Non1-833                          Non1-834                            Non1-835                             Non1-836                             Non1-837                             Non1-838

Pictures Non1-830 to Non1-838 were taken in the vicinity of Ground Zero, including The Bell of Hope and a Bronze Wall Art, hand crafted in remembrance of the Fire Fighters, that lost their lives in the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. The Wall Art reads "Dedicated to those who fell and to those that carry on"


    Non1-839                             Non1-840                            Non1-841                          Non1-842                      Non1-843                      Non1-844                      Non1-845                       Non1-846


Non1-847                            Non1-848                              Non1-849                           Non1-850                              Non1-851                             Non1-852                          Non1-853                         Non1-854   


  Non1-855                              Non1-856                             Non1-857                          Non1-858                         Non1-859                         Non1-860                          Non1-861                           Non1-862    


Non1-863                           Non1-864                              Non1-865                             Non1-866                         Non1-867                         Non1-868                             Non1-869                            Non1-870


Non1-871                             Non1-872                         Non1-873                         Non1-874                             Non1-875                            Non1-876                             Non1-877                            Non1-878


     Non1-879                            Non1-880                              Non1-881                           Non1-882                              Non1-883                             Non1-884                          Non1-885                      Non1-886


Non1-887                      Non1-888                      Non1-889                      Non1-890                          Non1-891                             Non1-892                            Non1-893                             Non1-894


Non1-895                            Non1-896                              Non1-897                           Non1-898                              Non1-899                             Non1-900                          Non1-901                         Non1-902


 Non1-903                            Non1-904                              Non1-905                            Non1-906                            Non1-907                              Non1-908                           Non1-909                              Non1-910


   Non1-911                             Non1-912                             Non1-913                          Non1-914                          Non1-915                            Non1-916                            Non1-917                             Non1-918   

Pictures Non1-853 to Non1-918 were taken in the vicinity of the the Twin Towers including The Winter Gardens, Ground Zero and the Waterfalls that are now the built within the foot print of the Twin Towers, as well as an aircraft window. The aircraft, an America Airlines B767 registration N334AA was destroyed instantly killing 87 innocent passengers and crew, and an unconfirmed number in the building as it hit the North Tower at 08:46 local time.


 Non1-919                            Non1-920                              Non1-921                             Non1-922                            Non1-923                              Non1-924                           Non1-925                              Non1-926


 Non1-927                            Non1-928                              Non1-929                            Non1-930                            Non1-931                              Non1-932                           Non1-933                              Non1-934

Pictures Non1-919 to Non1-933 were taken from the Hotel window (The Hotel New Yorker).


  Non1-935                            Non1-936                              Non1-937                            Non1-938                            Non1-939                              Non1-940                           Non1-941                              Non1-942


Non1-943                          Non1-944                          Non1-945                            Non1-946                            Non1-947                             Non1-948                            Non1-949                             Non1-950


  Non1-951                            Non1-952                              Non1-953                            Non1-954                            Non1-955                              Non1-956                           Non1-957                              Non1-958


  Non1-959                             Non1-960                            Non1-961                             Non1-962                          Non1-963                          Non1-964                            Non1-965                            Non1-966

Pictures Non1-934 to Non1-966 were taken from the Empire State Building, on a murky morning.


    Non1-967                             Non1-968                          Non1-969                          Non1-970                            Non1-971                            Non1-972                             Non1-973                          Non1-974


  Non1-975                            Non1-976                              Non1-977                            Non1-978                            Non1-979                              Non1-980                           Non1-981                              Non1-982


  Non1-983                            Non1-984                              Non1-985                            Non1-986                            Non1-987                              Non1-988                           Non1-989                              Non1-990


  Non1-991                            Non1-992                              Non1-993                            Non1-994                            Non1-995                              Non1-996                           Non1-997                              Non1-998

Pictures Non1-975 to Non1-991 were taken at the Rockefeller Center, and with no tripod, pictures were very few.


Non1-999                                Non2-1                                 Non2-2                                  Non2-3                              Non2-4                             Non2-5                                   Non2-6                             Non2-7


    Non2-8                                  Non2-9                                Non2-10                               Non2-11                               Non2-12                            Non2-13                            Non2-14                           Non2-15


Non2-16                             Non2-17                               Non2-18                               Non2-19                               Non2-20                               Non2-21                               Non2-22                               Non2-23


Non2-24                              Non2-25                           Non2-26                               Non2-27                                Non2-28                               Non2-29                               Non2-30                               Non2-31


Non2-32                                Non2-33                            Non2-34                        Non2-35                        Non2-36                             Non2-37                              Non2-38                            Non2-39

Pictures Non2-15 to Non2-33 were taken from the Hotel window (The Hotel New Yorker).


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