The following pictures, are all to be found on the airfield at Teesside / Durham Tees Valley Airport. They are NOT accessible to the public.

Misc 1

A Vickers Viscount nose cone belonging to one of the Fire School Viscounts (past or present?).



Misc 2                     Misc 3

These are believed to be Gloster Javelin parts.


Misc 4

This is the remains of a Vickers Wellington "J", which crashed in 1949 whilst performing in an airshow at the airport.

Its actually, possibly, from Wellington T10 NC430 of Number 2 Air Navigation School which crashed at Middleton St George on 17 September 1949 during their annual Battle of Britain at Home Day killing its crew of 6. The ANS were residents at the time and one of those killed was a Redcar man who was a former pupil at Coatham Grammar School. It is always said that the chute fouled the elevator but in fact it was the billowing chutes which disturbed the airflow over the tail which led to the crash. In 2000 or 2001 there was a survey by Defence of Britain, of the bomb dump area, in fact all the south side of the airfield, and there were plans then to recover it and display it somehow, somewhere, but the plans fell apart as the proposed recovery would mean issuing a NOTAM and mention of the word 'bomb' even though as part of the bomb-bay meant the authorities knocked the idea on the head.

(Thanks to David Thompson for the above information)

The remains spent a lot of the time in Hanger 2 after recovery, before being returned to its original location. In 2012 the remains were moved to an unknown location.


The following pictures were taken at Bygone Times Antique Warehouse, Eccleston Chorley


Misc 5                  Misc 6                  Misc 7                     Misc 8                        Misc 9                       Misc 10

These pictures were taken in September 2009, the originality of the balloon is unknown, and had gone on our next visit September 2012. Whilst the aircraft wears the serial A4350, it is a scale model of an Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A, its true identity is BAPC176.


The following picture was taken in the 9/11 Memorial Museum, a truly inspirational museum dedicated to the innocent who sadly lost their lives, on that fateful day.

Misc 11 (N334AA) 

The Plaques read :-

"First Impact"

"When we got out onto Church Street, it was sheer pandemonium. I stepped over large pieces of metal. As someone who works in aviation insurance, I realized one piece was a row of windows from an airplane" - Neil Getter, AON Risk Services.

Situated in a temporary building and a few hundred yards from the new purpose built museum, are thousands of artefacts from all the fateful sites on September 11th. The museum when open (due for opening 2013), is a few hundred yards from the footprint of the North Tower, where the first aircraft (AAL11) hit at 08:46 local time. The aircraft, an America Airlines B767 registration N334AA was destroyed instantly killing 87 innocent passengers and crew, and an unconfirmed number in the building. As a mark of respect all the airlines involved have withdrawn all relevant flight numbers.


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