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Bremgarten (Switzerland) Bremgarten (Switzerland)
Emmen (Switzerland) Emmen (Switzerland)
Estevayor-le-lac (Switzerland) Estevayor-le-lac (Switzerland)
Flieger Flab Museum, Dubendorf (Switzerland) Flieger Flab Museum, Dubendorf (Switzerland)
Fulenbach (Switzerland) (Privately owned) Fulenbach (Switzerland) (Privately owned)
Geneva (Switzerland) Geneva (Switzerland)
Geneva Airport (Switzerland) Geneva Airport (Switzerland)
Grenchen (Switzerland) Grenchen (Switzerland)
Langenthal Town (Switzerland) Langenthal Town (Switzerland)
Lucerne Museum (Switzerland) Lucerne Museum (Switzerland)
Musee de l Aviation Militaire Clin d Ailes Payerne (Switzerland) Musee de l Aviation Militaire Clin d Ailes Payerne (Switzerland)
Orbe (Switzerland) Orbe (Switzerland)
Payerne (Switzerland) Payerne (Switzerland)
Rickenbach (Switzerland) Rickenbach (Switzerland)
Stans (Switzerland) Stans (Switzerland)
Stansstad (Switzerland) Stansstad (Switzerland)
Waltenschwil (Switzerland) Waltenschwil (Switzerland)
Wilihof (Switzerland) Wilihof (Switzerland)
Wolfenschiessen (Switzerland) Wolfenschiessen (Switzerland)
Zetswil (Switzerland) Zetswil (Switzerland)
Zurich (Switzerland) (Runway 34 Restaurant) Zurich (Switzerland) (Runway 34 Restaurant)


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