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The Aviation Museum, Presov (Slovakia) The Aviation Museum, Presov (Slovakia)
Banska Bysrica (Slovakia) Banska Bysrica (Slovakia)
Bratislava Ivanka (Slovakia) Bratislava Ivanka (Slovakia)
Kosice (Slovakia) Kosice (Slovakia)
Kosorin Village (Slovakia) Kosorin Village (Slovakia)
Martin, Tomcany (Slovakia) Martin, Tomcany (Slovakia)
Malacky (Slovakia) Malacky (Slovakia)
Nitra Janikovce (Slovakia) Nitra Janikovce (Slovakia)
Ocova (Slovakia) Ocova (Slovakia)
Piestany (Slovakia) Piestany (Slovakia)
Piestany Airfield (Slovakia) Piestany Airfield (Slovakia)
Podlipniky (Slovakia) Podlipniky (Slovakia)
Presov (Slovakia) (Preserved in park) Presov (Slovakia) (Preserved in a park)
Presov Airfield (Slovakia) Presov Airfield (Slovakia)
Presov Town (Slovakia) Presov Town (Slovakia)
Slavnica Airfield (Slovakia) Slavnica Airfield (Slovakia)
Slavnica Village (Slovakia) Slavnica Village (Slovakia)
Sliac (Slovakia) Sliac (Slovakia)
Surany-Kopec (Slovakia) Surany-Kopec (Slovakia)
Trencin (Slovakia) Trencin (Slovakia)
Velke Zalusie Village (Slovakia) Velke Zalusie Village (Slovakia)
Vhyne Village (Slovakia) Vhyne Village (Slovakia)
Vojenske Historicke Muzeum, Piestany (Slovakia) Vojenske Historicke Muzeum, Piestany (Slovakia)
Vojenske Muzeum, Trencin (Slovakia) Vojenske Muzeum, Trencin (Slovakia)
Zliechov (Slovakia) Zliechov (Slovakia)


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