International Fire Training School


       IFTS 1 (G-AZLS)                         IFTS 2 (G-AZNC)                       IFTS 3 (G-BNGR)                         IFTS 4 (G-AVFJ)                        IFTS 5 (G-ARPO)                       IFTS  6 (G-AWZS)     


                  IFTS 7 (XP330)                          IFTS 8 (G-BKIE)               IFTS  9 (Comb A/Liner L/H)      IFTS  10 (Comb A/Liner R/H)    IFTS 11 (Mock-up Tornado)     IFTS 12 (Mock-up Helicopter)    


       IFTS  13 (Comb A/Liner)       IFTS  14 (Comb A/Liner R/H)       IFTS  15 (Comb A/Liner L/H)    IFTS  16 (Mock-up L/Aircraft)   IFTS 17 (Mock-up Jumbo C/P)       IFTS 18 (G-AZLP) (JI1)        

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   IFTS 19 (Comb A/Liner)           IFTS 20 (Comb A/Liner L/H)          IFTS 21 (Mock-up Tornado)      IFTS 22 (Mock-up Tornado)                 IFTS 23 (G-AZNC)                          IFTS 24 (XP330)          



 IFTS 25 (XP330)                          IFTS 26 (G-AZNC)                       IFTS 27 (G-AZNC)                        IFTS 28 (G-AZNC)                         IFTS 29 (G-AZNC)                          IFTS 30 (XZ652)


         IFTS 31 (XZ652)                 IFTS 32 (Mock-up Tornado)                 IFTS 33 (G-AZNC)                   IFTS 34 (Comb Jetliner)               IFTS 35 (Comb Jetliner)                IFTS 36 (Comb Jetliner)  


  IFTS 37 (Comb Jetliner)                IFTS 38 (Comb Jetliner)               IFTS 39 (Comb Jetliner)               IFTS 40 (Comb Jetliner)               IFTS 41 (Comb Jetliner)              IFTS 42 (Burning Ground)


  IFTS 43 (Mock-up Tornado)                   IFTS 44 (XZ652)                             IFTS 45 (XZ652)                  IFTS 46 (Burning Ground)            IFTS 47 (Burning Ground)            IFTS 48 (Burning Ground)   


IFTS 49 (Burning Ground)           IFTS 50 (Burning Ground)           IFTS 51 (Burning Ground)                  IFTS 52 (Mock-up)        


 The Viscount G-AZLP has moved to the North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland awaiting restoration using some parts from G-AZNC.

The Viscount G-AZNC has been broken up and the fuselage moved to Redline Services, Doncaster. It appeared in a Discovery Channel Documentary simulating the effects of the "shoe bomber". It has been moved to await further tests under altitude pressure. Only the cockpit remained, and has since been scrapped (sometime in 2013). Other usable parts have been removed and moved to the North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland to help in the restoration of G-AZLP.

The Trident G-AVFJ has been broken up and scrapped.

The Trident G-ARPO has been dismantled and is now at its new home, North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland awaiting restoration.


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