Balloons 2016

Pidley 5-6/5/2016

Friday 5th May, evening tether and flight.


Saturday 6th May, morning flight.

Saturday 6th May, Inflation Day tether.










With the wind picking up, the following balloons were not all fully inflated. Most were cold inflated or just laid out. N8173 was draped over an upstairs railing in the clubhouse.












The following balloons are Models, Toys & Binbags (Yes Binbags, in the 80's some people thought it would be ''creative'' to put a reg on a binbag and register it)



Not sure if this is a bag or balloon? - any ideas please

The following balloons were inflated after the event had finished.



Bedale 17-19/6/2016

Saturday 18th June, afternoon tether.


Saturday 18th June, evening flight.








Sunday 19th June, morning flight.






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