Balloons 2009

Bedale 5-7/6/2009

With the weather being absolutely lousy, a few did make it out bag, in the form of CofA's or tethered, nothing flew.


D3-915 (G-CEMW)         D3-916 (G-CEMW)        D3-917 (G-CEMW)         D3-918 (G-BVWB)          D3-919 (G-BVWB)         D3-920 (G-BVWB)       D3-921 (G-EPDI)          D3-922 (G-EPDI)  


 D3-923 (G-EPDI)            D3-924 (G-EPDI)            D3-925 (G-EPDI)             D3-926 (G-EPDI)            D3-927 (G-EPDI)            D3-928 (G-EPDI)            D3-929 (G-EPDI)           D3-930 (G-OATV)


D3-931 (G-OATV)           D3-932 (G-OATV)         D3-933 (G-OATV)           D3-934 (G-OATV)        D3-935 (G-OATV)   D3-936 (G-OATV)    D3-937 (G-OATV)       D3-938 (G-OBUY)

D3-938 (G-OBUY)


Wickenby (Wings & Wheels) 19-21/6/2009


 D4-164 (G-LIMP)     D4-165 (G-LIMP)      D4-166 (G-LIMP)     D4-167 (G-LEGO)    D4-168 (G-LEGO)    D4-169 (G-BWAJ)      D4-170 (BWAJ)      D4-171 (G-SNOW)


D4-172 (G-SNOW)        D4-173 (G-NEPB)           D4-174 (G-NEPB)        D4-175 (G-NEPB)     D4-176 (G-NEPB)      D4-177 (G-NEPB)     D4-178 (G-LIMP)        D4-179 (G-LIMP)    


  D4-180 (G-BWAJ)       D4-181 (G-BWAJ)           D4-182 (G-RIXY)        D4-183 (G-RIXY)        D4-184 (G-LEGO)        D4-185 (G-LEGO)

Click here for Aircraft from this meeting.


Thirsk 10-12/7/2009


    D4-326 (G-BXCN,           D4-327 (G-BUTJ,            D4-328 (G-BUTJ,           D4-329 (G-SNOW,          D4-330 (G-SNOW,          D4-331 (G-SNOW,          D4-332 (G-SNOW,       D4-333 (G-BUTJ)  

    BVPV, RIXY           BXCN, BVPV, RIXY)     BXCN, BVPV, RIXY)    BUTJ, BXCN, BXDZ)     BUTJ, BXCN, BVPV)     BUTJ, BXCN, BVPV)          BXCN, BVPV)                                     


   D4-334 (G-SNOW)         D4-335, (G-SNOW)            D4-336 (OJEN,             D4-337 (G-OJEN)           D4-338 (G-OJEN)            D4-339 (G-OJEN         D4-340 (G-BVPV)           D4-341 (OJEN,    

(--------- (OJEN, BXCN, BXDZ, RIXY) ---------)    BXCN, BXDZ, RIXY)     (-------- (BXCN, BXDZ, BVPV, RIXY) --------)     BXCN, BXDZ, BVPV)                                               BXCN, BXDZ)     


 D4-342 (G-BXDZ,     D4-343 (G-BXCN)        D4-344 (G-BXCN,        D4-345 (G-BXDZ)     D4-346 (G-OJEN,     D4-347 (G-OJEN)     D4-348 (G-SNOW)   D4-349 (G-OJEN,   

                 BXCN)                                                  BVPV, RIXY, BUTJ)                                                   BXDZ)                                                                                   BXCN, BVPV, BUTJ)   


 D4-350 (G-BXDZ)         D4-351 (Balloons)           D4-352 (Balloons)        D4-353 (Balloons)      D4-354 (Balloons)     D4-355 (Balloons)     D4-356 (G-LEGO)     D4-357 (G-LEGO)


   D4-358 (G-LEGO)           D4-362 (G-FVEL,        D4-363 (G-FVEL,      D4-364 (G-FVEL)        D4-365 (Balloons)           D4-366 (Balloons)           D4-367 (Balloons)            D4-368 (Balloons)  

                BXCN)                             BXCN)                                                                                                                                                                              


 D4-369 (G-SNOW)          D4-370 RB           D4-371 (G-BXCN)    D4-372 (G-BXCN)            D4-373 RB          D4-374 (G-YUMM)          D4-375 RB              D4-376 (G-BTPV)    

                                 (G-BVDB)  Link to credits                                                          (G-YUMM)   Link to credits                    (G-BTPV) Link to credits                                     


        D4-377 RB (G-BXDZ,      D4-378 RB (G-BXDZ     D4-379 RB (G-BXDZ,           D4-380 RB              D4-381 (G-RIXY)           D4-382 (G-RIXY)              D4-383 RB                 D4-384 RB               

 CDWK, RIXY)       CDWK, RIXY, LEGO)          RIXY, LEGO)                 (G-CDWK)                                                                                                     (G-RIXY)                   (G-RIXY)  

  Link to credits          Link to credits         Link to credits          Link to credits                                                                          Link to credits     Link to credits


   D4-385 RB            D4-386 RB (G-RIXY)            D4-387 RB           D4-388 (G-LIMP)           D4-389 RB                  D4-390 RB          D4-391 (G-LIMP)         D4-392 (G-OJEN)

        (G-RIXY)                                                               (G-CFNB)                                                      (G-OJEN)                  (G-OATV)                                                                                      

    Link to credits        Link to credits        Link to credits                                  Link to credits        Link to credits                                                                    


  D4-393 (G-LIMP)         D4-394 (G-OJEN,           D4-395 (G-OJEN,        D4-396 (G-LEGO)        D4-397 (G-LIMP)           D4-398 (G-BXDZ)       D4-399 (G-BXDZ,        D4-400 (G-LEGO)    

  BXDZ, LEGO)                BXDZ, LEGO)                                                                                                                                             OJEN)          


 D4-401 (G-LEGO,     D4-402 (G-LIMP)     D4-403 (G-LIMP)      D4-404 (G-RIXY)      D4-405 (1) (G-CFNB   D4-405 (2) (G-CFNB)      D4-406 (G-BFIT)             D4-407 (G-BFIT)     

               LIMP)                                                                                   (Shadow of G-RIXY)                                                                                                                                                                      


    D4-408 (G-BFIT)        D4-409 (G-BFIT)          D4-410 (G-BFIT)             D4-411 (G-BFIT)            D4-412 (G-EPDI)            D4-413 (G-EPDI)          D4-414 (G-EPDI)     D4-415 (G-EPDI)


  D4-416 (G-EDPI)      D4-417 (G-EPDI)      D4-418 (G-EPDI)         D4-419 (G-BOSB)           D4-420 (G-BOSB)        D4-421 (G-BOSB)        D4-422 (G-BOSB)         D4-423 (G-BOSB)


 D4-452 (G-AZHR)           D4-453 (G-AZHR)          D4-454 (G-AZHR)      D4-455 (G-AZHR)        D4-456 (VH-AYY)          D4-457 (VH-AYY)          D4-458 (VH-AYY)          D4-459 (VH-AYY)  


    D4-460 (VH-AYY)    D4-461 (VH-AYY)  D4-462 RB (VH-AYY)

                                                             Link to credits

Click here for aerial photo's from this meeting.

Click here for paragliders photo's from this meeting.


Baxby (Husthwaite) 11/7/2009

A very friendly, but hard to find airfield. Please ask permission to walk round.


     D4-446 (G-BHOO)       D4-447 (G-BHOO)   D4-448 (G-BHOO)    D4-449 (G-BHOO)     D4-450 (G-BHOO)   D4-451 (G-BHOO)  

Click here for Aircraft from this visit.


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